SmartMenu creates the opportunity for your diners to customize their meals based on personal dietary preference while providing them nutritional information instantly! No cheese? No problem! Now your diners can see how their changes affect their nutrition choices in real time.

Who is SmartMenu For?

Any foodservice business with an online menu that wants to offer their customer the option to build their meals based on dietary preference and seamlessly bring that information through to their POS system.

What is the SmartMenu experience like?

Meal-builder is created to look like your own online menu. From the customer’s point-of-view, they’ll be interacting with your menu with this innovative new feature.

When you implement SmartMenu into your online menu, each recipe you create in your MenuCalc account will instantly update on your SmartMenu. Changing an ingredient in MenuCalc on a recipe that is on your menu? Easy! Updates are made immediately once you’ve approved them.

What other features does SmartMenu pair best with?

For the ultimate experience, SmartMenu pairs best with our API. This dynamic duo allows for seamless datashare through all connected platforms and apps with the click of a button.

SmartMenu Feature Highlights


  • Fully customized to look exactly like your restaurant’s website.
  • Display up to 15 standard nutrition values.
  • Provide pre-made menu items and allow your customers to customize further.
  • We do all the work behind-the- scenes.
  • You don’t worry about the technical details.
  • No software to install. We host the SmartMenu, so no back and forth trying to get it working on your server.
  • FDA and Menu Labeling compliant

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