Now your menu recipes can always remain FDA-compliant with FoodCalc’s AXIS Compliance feature. When menu recipes are created, a copy of the most recent changes must be sent to the FDA to have on file to ensure nutritional accuracy. When the recipe is updated a new document must be sent in its place. This is where AXIS comes in.

Who is AXIS for?

Restaurants or foodservice businesses with 20+ locations that have a consumer facing menu. Each time a recipe is created and/or edited, the nutritional information must be submitted to the FDA to ensure accuracy.

What is the AXIS experience like?

As you build your recipes in your MenuCalc account, Axis ports the recipe information over to the FDA-required document and readies it for submission.

Managers at store and corporate level are then alerted for their e-signature and the document is ready for submission.

What other features does AXIS pair best with?

For the ultimate experience, User Insights pair best with Historical Data Tracking.

AXIS Feature Highlights


  • Instant Data collection
  • Detailed reporting on recipe changes
  • Document population
  • Manager and Executive alerts
  • Document submission via account
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