Now data-sharing to an entirely new level. Uploading and downloading becomes a thing of the past with FoodCalc’s extraordianry API capabilities.

Who is the API for?

Any foodservice business, manufacturer or distributor who has the need for sharing nutritional information across multiple platforms can benefit from FoodCalc’s API.

What is the API experience like?

When creating product or menu recipes, the API mobilizes that data to connect immediately into any online menu, shared database, website and POS system.

Our API can eliminate costly man-hours, speed up efficiency, and create a single integrated datapoint across all online platforms . Your in-house developers or contractors will be able to seamlessly integrate our API directly to your workflow and provide data benchmarks, insights and usage analytics.

What other features does FoodCalc’s API pair best with?

For the ultimate experience, the API pairs best with our Meal-Builder and user insights. These combinations allow for seamless datashare through all connected platforms with user insight tracking.

API Feature Highlights


  • Instant datashare across multiple platforms
  • Integrates into existing online menus & databases
  • Submit nutrition facts panelss, ingredient statements, allergens and other attributes needed by retailers and grocers, all real-time from your account
  • Track changes of recipes, and create a single-source vendor portal.
  • Instantly sync products directly to your website, removing the friction of multiple people involved, and potential for out of date analysis
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