The Food Institute Partners with FoodCALC to Provide Food Industry with Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis


San Francisco, California September 16th, 2010 - The Food Institute and FoodCALC have partnered to provide the food manufacturing industry with a complete resource on nutritional labeling. The combination of The Food Institute’s industry outreach and FoodCALC’s expertise in web-based nutrition analysis and labeling regulations assure that the partnership is set to be a strong asset to the industry.

"Our members are facing a growing demand for nutritional analysis as is the entire food industry," says Brian Todd, CEO of The Food Institute. "The Food Institute prides itself on being the go-to resource for relevant and accurate industry information. Our collaboration with FoodCALC is our way of assuring that we can provide our audience with the best resources possible on specialized issues such as nutrition analysis and labeling."

FoodCALC’s revolutionary product, LabelCalc, is one of two nutrition analysis applications developed by the company, who was the first to bring nutritional analysis online into a web-based environment in 2003. The company has since become a well-established industry leader in online nutritional analysis. Designed specifically for food retailers and culinary experts, LabelCalc is an FDA-compliant online labeling system which provides food manufacturers with a cost-effective alternative to lab analysis and third party outsourced consults. Supported by a team of registered dietitians and labeling experts, the product was designed for smaller food manufactures with sensitive budgets, yet is popular among companies of all sizes. “I went through the online tutorials and began creating labels the same day without any further instruction,” says LabelCalc client David Terwilleger, President of Twig Enterprises Inc. “We had properly compliant labels on the shelves within five days.”

FoodCALC and The Food Institute seem to share closely aligned ideals as a company. “We are thrilled to partner with The Food Institute,” says FoodCALC CEO and Founder, Lucy Needham. “Helping the industry to become more transparent in an economical and approachable way is a value that we both share. Many members of The Food Institute are ideal candidates to work with FoodCALC."

Already the two organizations have begun collaboration to bring the industry up to speed on recent slabeling legislation. The Food Institute is hosting a food labeling webinar series beginning this month, which FoodCALC will be jointly presenting in to discuss menu labeling legislation and answer other analysis-specific questions.

About the Food Institute

The Food Institute is a nonprofit organization with a single purpose: to provide information. The Food Institute strives to be the best "single source" for current, timely and relevant information about the food industry from "farm to fork". The association serves as a trusted source of information, providing balanced coverage of the issues. It delivers information through multiple media so that industry professionals worldwide can tap in when and how they choose. For more information, visit

About FoodCALC®

San Francisco, CA-based FoodCALC® LLC, is the food industry's gold standard for web-based nutrition analysis solutions. Since 2003, the company has pioneered the use of internet-savvy technology to deliver instant, affordable nutrition data, and has recently been endorsed by The National Restaurant Association as a preferred nutrition analysis platform.

FoodCALC also owns MenuCalc®, which generates up-to-date FDA-compliant recipe analysis for restaurant operators and food professionals. Multi-unit restaurants that have signed up for MenuCalc's nutrition analysis include Eugene, OR Abby's Legendary Pizza; Bend OR, Croutons Inc.; Louisville, KY based Texas Roadhouse; Indianapolis, IN based Steak 'n Shake; St Louis Park, MN- based Granite City Food & Brewery; and San Francisco, CA based Specialty's Cafe and Bakery.

Food manufacturers that have signed up for LabelCalc's nutrition analysis include the largest wholesale grocery distributor in the western United States, Unified Grocers; the world's largest producers and distributors of fresh, ready-to-eat packaged salads, Fresh Express; premium snack manufacturer Energy Club; soy yogurt producer WholeSoy & Co.; and international airline caterer Gate Gourmet.

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