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FoodCALC is committed to the design and development of web-based applications to make nutrition analysis available and affordable. Easy-to-use technology, industry expertise, and a passion for creating market-leading products fuel our mission to simplify the way nutrition information is obtained.


Founded in 2003, FoodCALC® is the gold standard for web-based nutrition analysis for the food industry. FoodCALC is the leading web-based provider of real-time nutritional analysis and label-compliance solutions for food manufacturers, restaurants, dietitians and chefs. Endorsed by state restaurant association’s of Florida, Oregon, Colorado and Massachusetts, FoodCALC has designed MenuCalc, the industry’s only one-stop resource for analyzing restaurant menus and LabelCalc, for creating accurate, FDA-compliant nutrition fact panels.

Our unique web-based solutions allow our clients to enter ingredient data for their recipes and receive instant, up-to-date analysis. Plus, they enjoy the ease and convenience of accessing their information at any time and from any place. Backed by experts and endorsed by industry associations across the country, FoodCALC’s products offer flexibility, support, and easily generated, accurate nutrition results at the most affordable prices.


To find out more about our online nutrition analysis products and available pricing plans, please visit our product websites:

www.labelcalc.com - LabelCalc, analysis for food manufacturers and retailers.
www.menucalc.com - MenuCalc, analysis for restaurants and professionals.


FoodCALC® combines more than 30 years of unique industry experience with a staff of registered dietitians, regulation specialists, restaurant experts, public relations professionals, database architects and website designers. We excel in our ability to understand and satisfy our clients across the ever-changing landscape of nutrition information and menu labeling.

Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best customer experience.

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